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Our expert agile teams help you develop optimal and price competitive technical solutions for all your business problems.


Nearshore solutions

Staff Augmentation

Our “Extended Team Model” gives you access to the experts needed to scale your team and achieve results at speed. We provide conveniently located and experienced talent that enables your business to overcome complex obstacles.


Dedicated Agile Team

We provide you with autonomous agile teams dedicated to the realization of your project, managed directly by you. By leveraging Scrum methodology and relying on re-prioritization and adjustment, our group of experts will deliver a world class product built on any of the solutions included in our broad tech stack. 


Fixed Price Projects

Our “Fixed Price Model” offers you a low-risk option when the scope and requirements of your project are well defined and documented, and you need the project to be managed, developed and delivered on-time and within-budget.

You have a budget, we will make it fit

What To Expect
  • Trained and experienced professionals in the latest technologies.
  • Seamless collaboration between in-house resources and our experts to get your project completed, tested and deployed in minimal time.
  • Absolute control over the project through communication and management of our consultants at your desired frequency.
What To Expect
  • A dedicated Agile and Scrum masters team working closely on your project.
  • Flexibility and opportunity to adjust requirements, shift direction and replace features.
  • Building customized software as the strategy evolves.
What To Expect
  • Clear deadlines and a fixed budget for a defined scope and for designated resources.
  • Frequent progress demo’s and early validation of functional software.
  • Deep project stakeholder involvement, along with full transparency.
Pevnost Inc

Have a Project in Mind?

Our Focus Areas

Custom Application

Our software developers make sure your custom tailor made applications come to life using the most optimal development tools and techniques, while balancing performance and price to match your expectations.

Web Development

Enable your website to stand out from the crowd and successfully market to your audience by partnering with Pevnost.

Our front-end web development team can expertly develop and deliver your custom web-applications and websites by leveraging the latest frameworks and technologies that will in turn allow you to scale your company’s web services and better serve your clients.



Achieve an agile relationship between development and IT operations with our DevOps solutions.
Maximize results and workflows in close alignment with your business’ goals.

Cloud Orchestration

We make sure that your business benefits from increased business agility, simplified IT workloads and automation of tasks that our cloud computing services provide. We oversee your migration to the cloud with the least possible interruption to your operations.


We believe in the power of quality assurance for the success of your business. Our testing framework is focused on understanding your company’s context and goals to ensure that your software meets rigorous standards.


Design matters, that’s why our UX/UI team works extensively to craft an optimal user experience and maximize usability through intuitive and effective interaction using a cutting edge interface and visuals.



Every e-commerce solution is unique and has its set of advantages and challenges. Our e-commerce team will help you find the right solution for your storefront. Our extensive e-commerce development experience will allow you to leapfrog the development cycle and focus on your core competencies faster.

Our Tech Stack

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